No.6 The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet: Access to Shakespeare
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No.6 The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet: Access to Shakespeare

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Reg No. FAB0006 商品レベル 5 (未使用) アマゾンプライム 参考価格 2950円 内容紹介 This manual offers a wealth of instructional tools, including background information on Shakespeare's sources, his life, his theater, and stage directions; suggestions for teaching the play; detailed summaries of every scene; questions and answers for every act; an annotated bibliography; a guide to pronouncing proper names; a Shakespearean time line; and and alphabetical glossary of terms. 著者について Jonnie Patricia Mobley, Ph.D., editor and translator of the new "Access to Shakespeare" series, has taught theatre and drama at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, California, and has directed the community theater there. Because of her extensive theatrical experience, Dr. Mobley is familiar with the hesitation of modern readers to "tackle" Shakespeare. She recognized a great need to make it easier for students and adults alike to understand obscure words and phrases in ROMEO AND JULIET. This, in turn, gave rise to the creation of the translation into contemporary English. To make additional in-depth information on ROMEO AND JULIET available, this manual/study guide was created. It is Dr. Mobley's wish that modern readers enjoy this play in the same way an Elizabethan audience did. Jonnie Patricia Mobley is also the author of "Play Production Today" ( ISBN 0844257753) and "The Dictionary of Theatre and Drama Terms" ( ISBN 0844253332).