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Backstreet Boys の名曲の作曲者JasonBlumeの芽生宛サイン入り作詞ノウハウ本

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Reg No.MAR0008 商品レベル 5 (長期保存品 数カ所芽生が書いたマーカー) 内容紹介 Drawing on his experience as a hit-making songwriter and song writing instructor, Jason Blume presents an easy to understand, step-by-step approach to mastering those key elements consistently found in hit songs. Incorporating inspiring anecdotes, effective exercises, and common sense checklists for self-evaluation, 6 Steps to Songwriting Success provides a concise analysis of the six steps essential to song writing success - developing successful song structures, writing effective lyrics, composing memorable melodies, producing successful demos, taking care of business, and developing persistence. Exercises for practicing and honing these skills, advice from more than 50 industry professionals, and checklists to objectively assess one's strengths and weaknesses are included. This updated edition reflects industry changes such as the advent of MP3s, the increase in music sampling, and the fact that CDs have replaced cassettes as the industry standard for presenting material. 6 Steps to Songwriting Success contains everything songwriters need to know about the creative and business aspects of writing successful songs 著者について Jason Blume is a staff writer for Zomba Music. He has written songs for the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, as well as John Berry’s Top 5 country single, “Change my Mind” and Steve Azar’s country hit “I Never Stopped Lovin’ You.” He also developed and teaches the BMI Nashville Songwriters Workshop. He lives in Nashville, TN. 登録情報 ハードカバー: 282ページ 出版社: Billboard Books; Revised, Expanded版 (2004/4/1) 言語: 英語 ISBN-10: 0823084124 ISBN-13: 978-0823084128 発売日: 2004/4/1 商品パッケージの寸法: 19 x 3.2 x 24.1 cm

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